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The Basics of the Line Vac

Compressed air and compressed air products have an incredible quantity of distinct uses in a wide variety of industrial settings, from massive manufacturing facilities to small machine shops. These versatile products can be used to many different ends, helping you reduce operations costs, increase productivity, and accomplish new levels of efficiency. One of the most […]

The Ion Air Knife: The Ideal Static Eliminator

Along with condensate buildup and compressed air leakage, static buildup is one of the most common problems found in industrial settings. Due to the constant motion and friction of heavy machinery, static buildup is bound to occur, causing a wide range of problem, such as electrical component malfunction, incorrect readings, attraction of contaminating particles from […]

Draining Condensate and Keeping Your Air Clean

Condensate drains are among the simplest, most impactful, and most overlooked tools you can use to improve the quality and efficiency of your compressed air. A compressed air system, when operating efficiently, is a powerful asset, and a system functioning at its peak is a major contributor to cost-effective operations. One of the most common […]

Maintaining Your Own Compressed Air System

Learning how to maintain your own compressed air system system is one of the best ways to create substantial, long-term energy savings. By working with Airtec’s compressed air system training service, you will gain a new understanding of your own system that will help you achieve a new level of compressed air efficiency. Whether you […]

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial and manufacturing environments aren’t often considered to be the tidiest places, but as you likely know, maintaining a clean workspace is important for many reasons! Clean workspaces can prevent such problems as: Product Contamination Ruined Paint, Finish, or Coating Clogged or Damaged System Components And that’s just the damage that can be done by […]

Keep Your Compressed Air Moisture-Free

One of the biggest risks to any compressed air system is the presence of moisture in generated air. Moisture causes issues as serious and wide-ranging as increased wear on moving parts, malfunctioning controls, and false readings from key control instruments, all while significantly reducing overall air quality. That’s why Airtec recommends and offers a variety […]

Heavy Duty Air Conveying

Within the manufacturing industry, the need for efficient transportation of certain materials from one part of the line to the other cannot be ignored. Efficient material transportation can create a new level of manufacturing productivity, removing unnecessary steps and reducing waste of resources. Line vacs are among the best and fastest ways ways to move […]

Exair Unveils the Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife

As rugged and as production lines often are, they can quickly become temperamental when introduced to too much foreign matter…

Exair’s Cabinet Coolers

Summer is coming, so make sure your cabinet stays COOL! Check out EXAIR’s Cabinet Coolers!