Air Treatment

Keeping compressed air dry and clear of contaminants is an important part of maintaining efficient resource use. That is why the experts at Airtec offer air treatment solutions for use throughout the compressed air system. We offers the industry’s best condensate drains, filters, and oil-water separators in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Find out how clean compressed air can benefit your system.

At Airtec we offer efficient, reliable, cost effective products and systems. Our valued reputation has evolved with the continuous introduction of reliable and innovative products.

We deliver a complete line of filtration and separation products for all our compressed air systems. No matter what lubricant or compressor you currently utilize or purchase in the future, we have an Oil Water Separator that can meet your needs.

The Products We Use and Offer

Compressed Air Filter
Oil-Water Separator
Oil-Water Separators
Demand Drain
Demand Drains
Timer Drains