Controls & Data 


It has been long understood that you cannot manage what you do not measure and this remains true to this day. The incredible amount of data being gathered across the world is changing every aspect of life. Around 40% of this data comes directly from sensors and with smart factories, industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) expected to connect an extra 21 million new devices to the internet by 2021, data analysis and management is becoming more important. It’s only once insights from the data gathered are implemented that true change takes place. The challenge for most engineering and maintenance teams is to sort out the massive amount of data and turn it into something meaningful. Airtec’s knowledge and experience, coupled with it’s international panel of experts will help you optimize and improve the efficiency of your projects.

Airtec offers useful compressed air master controls capable of putting control of your compressed air system directly in your hands. Compressed air is an incredibly valuable resource that, when used efficiently, can improve the whole of your operations, boosting productivity while saving money, so keeping a tight rein on your compressed air resources holds tremendous benefit. Take a look at our compressed air control and monitoring systems and please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Compressor Master Controls We Use

AERO Master Control

From monitoring performance, status, and effectiveness of a single air compressor through to an entire local eco-system of air compressors, AIRMATICS™ provides up-to-the-minute intelligence that enables businesses to reduce power consumption, save energy costs, and improve sustainability performance.


AIRMATICS™ is a simple cloud-based air compressor monitoring, performance and control solution that provides real time data, analytics and insights at the push of a button. Developed to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0, AIRMATICS™ takes air compressor monitoring, performance and control into the 21st century by providing 360° real time performance tracking of businesses’ air compressors – from anywhere in the world. 


It’s often hard to appreciate that there can be significant room for improvement in the efficiency of an installed compressed air or vacuum generation system, if it does not already employ an EnergAir designed and installed energy optimization solution however then there almost certainly is. The hardware and software components are designed and manufactured by the world’s leading compressed air and vacuum pump controls company with system design, installation and commissioning carried out by EnergAir.


METACENTRE™ CX is an advanced compressor interface control and monitoring device with inherent functionality for monitoring and regulation of a compressor that is equipped with a compatible variable output regulation system.


Simplifying compressed air analytics at every customer location. SCADAR™ from CMC offers market-leading, innovative, and technically advanced solutions that streamline traditional compressed air system audits.