Air Knives

EXAIR Air Knives are the absolute best at what they do: blow off applications. On any production line, debris, moisture, and particulate matter build up throughout the system and often land on products. This poses a problem when any kind of painting or coating is involved, as even the smallest particles can be a problem for coatings. Air knives set the standard for blow off and are far superior to any alternative. Whether you need cooling, drying, or blow off power, air knives are the best option for these applications.

Compressed Air is an energy source that has become instrumental for human progress over the last 100 years. It is widely used worldwide, but it is often used with significant inefficiency. The generation, treatment, storage, distribution and use of compressed atmospheric gas can become a very tricky business.

Our Air Knives take ambient air and use it to reduce compressed air consumption, without reducing the fore and efficiency of an Air Knife. At Airtec, we want to simplify compressed air. By helping everyone understand the basics of compressed air and by bringing intelligent compressed air products to the global industry, we will help make compressed air use more efficient worldwide, one kilowatt-hour at a time. Contact our sales support team, and find out how you can start saving today.

Air Knives We Use

Exair Super Air Knife
Super Air Knives

EXAIR’s Super Air Knife is the latest generation of our engineered air knife that dramatically reduces noise and compressed air usage with a 40:1 ratio of ambient air when compared to other blowoffs. The Super Air Knife offers a more efficient way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors.

Exair Air Knives
Standard Air Knives

A quiet, energy efficient way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors. The Standard Air Knife utilizes the Coanda effect (wall attachment of a high velocity fluid) to create air motion in its surroundings.

Full flow air knife
Full Flow Air Knives

EXAIR’s Full-Flow Air Knife is an effective way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors. It utilizes the Coanda profile to pull in large volumes of surrounding air, producing a high flow, high velocity curtain of air.