Finishing Products


Using the right equipment for each step of any spray finishing process is typically the difference between hitting quality, productivity and profitability targets – and not hitting them. Additionally, the ever increasing diversity of coatings dictate careful selection and proper use of equipment.

With nearly 220 years of collective leadership in the spray finishing industry, Binks and DeVilbiss continue to set the equipment standards other brands strive to achieve. Call or email us for quote, and find out how you can start saving today.

Finishing Products We Use

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Manual Spray Guns

The most established method of air atomizing, used on spray guns for decades. This type uses high velocity air jets to produce a high atomization power which is very effective in breaking up solids and high viscosity coatings. Air pressure exiting the air cap during use is typically 40-70 psi (2 to 5 bar) with typical air consumption of 6 to 25 cfm (170 to 700 l/min)

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Automatic Spray Guns

Using the acknowledged market leading low Pressure Air Atomization technology from DeVilbiss, the AG-360 series has been developed to provide a blend of finish quality, engineering robustness and superior transfer efficiency.Designed to function in the tough working environment of the modern finishing industry, these guns give you maximum productivity with minimum downtime.

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Paint Pressure Tanks

Our Pressure feed containers are used to allow the coating material to be prepared, thinned and conditioned, constantly agitated (if required) and then supplied in bulk to consistently maintain the correct spraying viscosity and pressure.

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Paint Agitators

Binks has developed a complete upgrade to the agitators used in conjunction with existing pressure tanks (both light and heavy-duty applications).The new agitators will be applicable to 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 gallon pressure tanks, 5 and 10 gallon pails, and open or closed drums up to 55 gallons that use agitators to mix fluid materials.

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Paint Pumps

Our Paint Pumps are a completely new design in air operated pump technology utilizing a patented magnetic detents to provide fast changover with virtually no pulsation. The result is paint, delivery with less pulsation for a more consistent finish. Our pumps are the perfect solution for one or several spray guns applications with faster color changes and quick refills for less production downtime.