Dew Point Sensors for Compressed Air and Gases

SUTO’s compressed air dew point sensors and monitors provide detailed moisture metrics with pinpoint precision, feeding information into a central dashboard to create a comprehensive view of your full system’s dew point status. By monitoring temperatures across the compressed air system, SUTO reveals areas in which the conditions may create moisture that decreases the quality of your compressed air. 

SUTO Products We Use

S211 / S215 / S220 Dew Point Sensor (-60 … +50 °C Td)

SUTO’s sensors lower maintenance costs due with stable, reliable measurements that also enable increased calibration intervals. The S211, S215, and S220 all offer optional displays.

S230 / S231 Dew Point Sensor (-100 … +20 °C Td)

The SUTO S230/S231 Dew Point Sensors provide reliable dew point monitoring for industrial and hazardous applications. SUTO’s unique dual sensor technology optimizes sensor sensitivity and accuracy by automatically selecting the ideal sensor type for the situation.

S212 Dew Point Sensor (-50 … +20 °C Td)

The 212’s compact size makes it an ideal choice for installations in tight environments. This sensor provides reliable dew point monitoring for industrial applications.

S305 Dew Point Monitor (-50 … 20 °C Td / -20 … +50 °C Td)

The S305 Dew Point Monitor serves as a measuring and display device. This monitor also offers alarm indications when drying values are not within the desired range

S520 Portable Dew Point Meter (-100 … +50 °C Td)

The S520 offers a unique dew point end value prediction algorithm in a convenient handheld format. Based on the dew point measurement curve, our algorithm is able to predict the end value before actually reaching the end value.

S307 Breathing Apparatus Filling Station Monitor

The S307 Filling Station Monitor is used to monitor and control breathing apparatus filling stations in regards of pressure, humidity, and CO level.