Industry Experts Using the Leading Compressed Air Quality Testing Equipment

Airtec offers compressed air quality testing services to help you maintain the air quality standards needed to:

  • Maintain compliance standards
  • Improve equipment longevity
  • Reduce downtime

Remove Contaminants from Your Compressed Air

Maintaining a high standard of compressed air quality is vitally important across industries. In some industries, compressed air quality can be the difference between normal operations and multiple days of downtime and violation of compliance regulations. The Compressed Air & Gas Institute (CAGI) 4 different contaminant types that must be removed or reduced in compressed air used for manufacturing:

  • Particles
    • Come from standard wear, pipe scale, and atmospheric dirt
  • Water
    • Liquid, vapor, or aerosol
  • Oil
    • Liquid, vapor, or aerosol
    • Can be found in condensate
  • Microorganisms

Of these 4, particles, water, and oil are the most pervasive contaminants found in any given supply of compressed air. 

Our compressed air quality testing services reveal the problem areas within your system that generate contaminants or act as bottlenecks for contaminant buildup. We then recommend solutions using cost-effective technologies and products designed to help you with significant contaminant reduction. 

If you’re in an industry that requires higher quality compressed air than standard industrial application, we can help! We have experience helping plants maintain compressed air quality testing standards, including ISO 8573-1, keeping your facility well within compliance regulations.

The Products We Recommend 

All of the products we at Airtec recommend are from well-established and trusted brands, such Exair, SUTO, and more. We offer the industry-leading condensate drains, filters, and oil-water separators in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to fit your facility’s needs. Once we identify what needs to be placed and where, we also offer installation and onsite training for your personnel. 

We offer:

  • Timer Drains
    • Can be set to drain at specific intervals to maximize efficiency
    • By improving airflow, they actually save you net energy use
    • Prevent irregular air pressure and all the problems associated
  • Demand Drains
    • Detect when condensate buildup occurs and instantly drain
    • Highly energy efficient, even more so than timer drains
    • Prevent irregular air pressure and all the problems associated
  • Filters
    • We offer filters for every air standard
    • Remove particles less than .5 microns in some cases
    • Filters available specifically for oil, water, or particles
  • Oil-Water Absorbers
    • Remove oil from water vapor, making both easier to eliminate
    • Helps remove condensate
    • Saves money on wastewater disposal

Airtec has been leading the charge to efficiency in compressed air for years, and we are ready to help you get on board. Whether you need to save money, maintain compliance, or reduce energy consumption, we have the solutions and knowledge you need to achieve your energy efficiency goals. If you’re interested in our compressed air quality testing services or want a free quote, please feel free to reach out to us today!