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Condensate drains are among the simplest, most impactful, and most overlooked tools you can use to improve the quality and efficiency of your compressed air. A compressed air system, when operating efficiently, is a powerful asset, and a system functioning at its peak is a major contributor to cost-effective operations. One of the most common problems that inhibits efficient use of compressed air, increases potential product contamination, and leads to increased maintenance costs is the presence of condensate within the compressed air.

At Airtec, we specialize in the provision of cost-effective, efficient compressed air solutions that save you money both short-term and in the long run. Condensate drains are just such a solution, as they are relatively inexpensive but improve the quality of compressed air to such a degree that overall operations are improved.

The Effect of Condensate on Air Quality

The presence of contaminants and condensate are all but a certainty for a compressed air system, so it is important to take steps to minimize their presence and impact.. While air filters are perfect for catching fragments, lubricant, and smaller particles, condensate drains are necessary for the removal of condensate buildup. When condensate is not ejected from the system, it will saturate filters and eventually enter the system, greatly decreasing air quality and damaging the more delicate components of your system. Low air quality and saturated air filters can also contribute to decreased air pressure, putting effective operations at risk.

Condensate drains are an essential part of any complete compressed air system. Drains can be placed anywhere condensate buildup has proven to be problem and are often found at intercoolers, aftercooler, dryers, receivers, filters, drip legs, or even at point of use. We offer several varieties of condensate drains, including both timer drains and demand drains, that can be placed according to your system’s needs.

How Condensate Drains Maximize Efficiency

Whether you are running a new system with all the bells and whistles or an older, more basic compressor, the need for high quality compressed air remains paramount to your operations. Airtec typically recommends either a timer drain or a demand drain, depending on your system requirements and placement:

Timer Drains

  • Simple installation, inexpensive
  • Drain condensate at regular intervals determined by installer
    • Can be adjusted as needs change
  • Excellent short-term solution, but requires occasional maintenance and can lead to occasional drops in pressure as they expel condensate

Demand Drains

  • Also called “zero-loss drains”
    • Don’t cause pressure drops, only uses a miniscule amount of compressed air
  • Automatically keeps up with system changes, doesn’t require manual adjustments
  • More expensive up-front, but more efficient, reducing long-term costs

In addition to providing you with the perfect condensate drain to fit your system, we also offer consultations that will help you find the areas in your system that will most benefit from a condensate drain.

No matter the size of your system, Airtec offers effective, efficient solutions tailor-made for your compressor. We have decades of industry experience, and we offer free quotes on all of our solutions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in improving the efficiency of your compressed air operations.