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With each passing year, energy efficiency becomes a higher priority for industrial operations. Whether the goal is meeting new sustainability requirements, cutting operations costs, or increasing the longevity of current equipment, the move to efficiency and, by extension, reduced energy consumption is the clear-cut next step for nearly every industry. But what does the shift to energy efficiency look like? In all likelihood, this shift will come from many small changes throughout the system.

In large-scale industrial settings, it can be difficult to see how small changes can make a meaningful difference in how many resources are used on a daily basis. But make no mistake, inefficient, quick solutions are a major source of waste in systems of all sizes. Look at blowoff as an example. A common, inexpensive part used for blowoff is simply drilled-out pipe through which compressed air passes. A piece of pipe with holes drilled in it doesn’t seem like it would drain much air and costs significantly less than something more tailored to the situation, such as Air Knives or Air Wipes, but the constant drain on air supply builds up, especially when similar inefficiencies are scattered throughout the system. 

Exair Electronic Flow Controller 

The Exair EFC is an outstanding example of compressed air technology that boosts efficiency, saving money and helping better meet green regulations. The EFC combines a photoelectric sensor with a timing control, limiting compressed air use by simply switching airflow off when no part is present. The timing control can be easy tuned to the application requirements, and sensing distance can be altered as well.


  • Auto body blowoff
  • Package cleaning
  • Part drying after wash
  • Dust removal
  • Scrap removal
  • Filling operations
  • Cooling hot parts
  • Neutralizing static
  • Cleaning molded parts


  • Easy electrical hook-up; 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • NEMA 4/IP66 environments
  • Compact sensor for mounting in tight spaces
  • Eight function analog timer for on/off , pulsing and delay control
  • Timer setting from 0.10 sec. to 120 hrs.
  • Sensor withstands water and dust for accurate readings
  • Sensor has superior immunity to noise and inductive loads
  • Sensor has long distance sensing up to 3 feet (1m)

Meet Operational Goals with Ease

As nearly every operations specialist knows, small inefficiencies build up, and solutions that pay for themselves in only a few months or weeks of operation are always worth it. Resistance to making these small changes almost always comes from a couple of common misunderstandings:

  1. Underestimation of the amount of waste generated by nonspecific solutions and poor resource management
  2. Lack of understanding on how much tailor-made solutions can save in the long-run

Thanks to modern compressed air technology solutions, both of these points can be easily addressed with pinpoint-accurate usage data.

How Airtec Can Help

The Exair EFC is just one of numerous solutions we offer that can help you build a better system. We take care to seek out the latest and best of compressed air technology to help our clients meet and exceed their goals. From identifying and repairing leakage to making product recommendations to installation, we have experience needed to provide you with exactly what you need, no matter your industry. Reach out to us today for a free quote on our compressed air solutions.