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Tracking Down the Air Leaks that Drain Your Wallet

When you’re operating air compression machinery of any scale, one of the most substantial ways you can lose money and efficiency is through air leakage. Air leaks end up costing you money in more than one way: they cost you in loss of compressed air produced by your system, in lower overall performance from your system, and in general wear and tear, as different parts will be forced to overcompensate for the lost compression.

What can be surprising about loss of compressed air through leaks is that most air isn’t lost through large leaks, but rather is lost through many seemingly minuscule leaks. These leaks can be hard to find and when found, are often written off as too minor to make a difference. The reality is that small leaks make up the vast majority of compressed air inefficiencies. Fortunately, Airtec offers an extremely precise solution to leaky compressors in our Ultrasonic Leak Detectors.

You’re probably aware of the hissing sound that accompanies larger compressed air leaks. Small leaks hiss as well, but at a frequency higher than is audible to the human ear. Ultrasonic leak detectors are able to pick up on these frequencies and help users quickly and easily locate the source of the tiny, troublesome leaks. Once located, these leaks can often be repaired quite easily, resulting in a compression system that operates at its peak.

Ultrasonic leak detectors are incredibly sensitive pieces of equipment. Some can even pick up the sound of a blinking eye! You may be wondering how such a particular tool functions in a noisy machinery environment. Ultrasonic leak detectors actually only pick up incredibly high-frequency sounds, which can only be generated by something as small as a pinhole leak, so the louder machinery does little to interfere with the operation of a leak detector in most cases.

Finding leaks with an ultrasonic detector is actually a rather simple process, only requiring the user to hold the detector up to different areas within in a system, scanning it for any high-frequencies. Though actual operation of a leak detector requires little technical knowledge, knowing where to look can be a challenge, as small leaks can occur in many places within your system. That’s why we at Airtec offer our Leakage Detection service. We utilize our combined decades of experience to comb through your system and locate even the tiniest leaks and recommend a proper course of action. By allowing us to find and make a few simple repairs, you could see your system efficiency improve by up to 30%.

Airtec Global is comprised of air compression efficiency experts dedicated to improving systems worldwide. We offer thorough appraisals and create solutions that often pay for themselves in only a short time. We’ve worked on compressors of all sizes ranging from small machine shops to manufacturing lines, and are more than capable of solving any compression problem you may have. Call or email us today and find out we can improve your compressor and save you money.