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Industrial and manufacturing environments aren’t often considered to be the tidiest places, but as you likely know, maintaining a clean workspace is important for many reasons! Clean workspaces can prevent such problems as:

  • Product Contamination
  • Ruined Paint, Finish, or Coating
  • Clogged or Damaged System Components

And that’s just the damage that can be done by particulate matter! Lack of workspace cleaning can also lead to employee hazards, such as slippery surfaces or loose bits of sharp shaved metal. Just a little bit of cleanup can do wonders to improve the safety and efficiency of your facility, and Airtec offers several cost-effective compressed air solutions you can use to improve your industrial housekeeping.

Drum Vacuums, Chip Vacs, HEPA Vacs, and More!

Airtec carries a variety of different pneumatic vacuums for any industrial cleaning and contaminant removal need you might have. From cleaning fine particles from air filters to removing larger chips and shavings from liquids, Airtec has what you need to maintain a clean workspace.

Here are a few of the industrial cleaning solutions we at Airtec recommend:

Exair Chip Vac

One of Exair’s high-quality products, the Exair Chip Vac can be attached to any ordinary open-top drum, transforming it into a durable industrial vacuum. The chip vac picks up chips and shavings from fixtures, floors, and work surfaces with ease.

Exair Reversible Drum Vac

This Exair-produced Drum Vac attaches to common 55 gallon drums, creating a versatile, rugged vacuum. The Reversible Drum Vac is incredibly powerful, with the ability to fill a 55 gallon drum in less than 2 minutes, and with the flip of a switch, the vacuum reverses, expelling contents wherever they need to go.

Exair Heavy Duty Dry Vac

Designed for most difficult industrial cleanup situations, the Exair Heavy Duty Drum Vac can be attached to 30, 55, or 110 gallon drums. Exair engineered this rugged drum vacuum to be able to handle jagged materials, making industrial cleanup much easier.

Exair Heavy Duty HEPA Vac

Cleaning up tiny particles is an incredibly important task that is often very difficult. For facilities that work with pharmaceuticals or food production, particle cleanup is immensely important to prevent contamination. Exair’s HEPA Vac is capable of removing incredibly fine particles from surfaces, reducing contamination risks.

Exair Chip Trapper

Something of a specific-use item, the Exair Chip Trapper is a valuable tool that removes fragments from used coolants and other liquids. The Chip Trapper captures all solid materials in a reusable filter bag, pumping all liquids back out without any hassle.

Providing Efficient Compressed Air Solutions

At Airtec, we use our decades of experience in the compressed air industry to propose only the best solutions to our customers. That’s why we recommend Exair Pneumatic Vacuums for your industrial housekeeping needs.

At Airtec, we believe that compressed air efficiency doesn’t have to be a distant goal. With a few of our solutions, you will end up saving thousands of dollars in operations costs every year. Contact us today for a free quote and find out just how much you can save!