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Along with condensate buildup and compressed air leakage, static buildup is one of the most common problems found in industrial settings. Due to the constant motion and friction of heavy machinery, static buildup is bound to occur, causing a wide range of problem, such as electrical component malfunction, incorrect readings, attraction of contaminating particles from surrounding air, and, in some extreme cases, potential hazards to workers via static discharge. Fortunately, through the use of a static eliminator such as an ion air knife, you can reduce static buildup fairly easily and inexpensively, and in fact, the heightened levels of efficiency created by an ion air knife often actually leads to reduced operations costs.

Exair’s Gen 4 Ion Air Knife

There are few things we love more than making product recommendations that make a difference. Often, the addition of small, inexpensive, energy-efficient component, like Exair’s air knives, can make a significant difference in your operations.

We offer two Exair Air Knives, the Standard Ion Air Knife and the Super Ion Air Knife. Both of these air knives offer a sturdy yet compact design, a shockless, non-radioactive construction, and a rugged metal-armored and electromagnetically-shielded cable. An ion air knife works by taking in a steady stream of clean compressed air and directing and expelling the air through a precise, slotted orifice. Upon its exit, the compressed air is passed over Exair’s Gen4 Ionizing Bar, which pulls in surrounding room air and injects positive and negative ions into the compressed air. This ultimately creates a curtain of ionized compressed air that can be passed over materials such as plastics, webs, sheet stock and other product surfaces, both wiping the materials clean of particles, dust, and shavings and removing the static that builds up through the manufacturing process.

Selecting Your Static Eliminator

You may have noticed that Exair’s Gen4 line features both the Regular and Super Air Knives. While both of these products are outstanding in their own right, their subtle differences may make some applications better than others for each of them. Some areas may require the increased power of the Super, while others may require only the Regular Air Knife. We can help you explore your options and decide what is best for your point-of-use.

At Airtec, we’ve long been in the business of providing industrial facilities with efficient compressed air solutions aimed at reducing costs in both time and money, increasing resource efficiency, and shrinking carbon footprints. Through strategic product recommendations, comprehensive audits, and application of our combined decades of compressed air experience, we are able to offer solutions that are beneficial for your bottom line, your workers, and the environment, all at once.

If you’re interested in increasing your efficiency, improving your operations, saving time, energy, and money, or improving product quality, please feel free to contact us. We offer free quotes on our efficient compressed air solutions and we’d love to help you meet and exceed your goals.