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One of the biggest risks to any compressed air system is the presence of moisture in generated air. Moisture causes issues as serious and wide-ranging as increased wear on moving parts, malfunctioning controls, and false readings from key control instruments, all while significantly reducing overall air quality. That’s why Airtec recommends and offers a variety of different Air Dryers to remove moisture from the supply side of your system with ease!

Air Quality Matters

No matter what industry you are a part of, if your compressed air system is supplying poor quality air, you are going to experience higher operating costs, both short-term and in the long run.

Low-quality compressed air with high levels of moisture can cause wear-and-tear by washing important lubricants off moving parts, rusting and/or clogging pneumatic controls, freezing in control lines in cold weather, and corroding air- and gas-operated instruments, leading to misreadings and unscheduled downtime. Moisture can even damage products on the line, causing incorrect paint, coating, and finish mixtures and turning something as simple as blowoff into an ordeal. These examples might seem severe, but they only truly represent a fraction of the damage moisture in compressed air can cause over time.

It’s easy to see why dry compressed air reduces operating costs, but going beyond reducing costs, dry compressed air allows for a level of efficiency far beyond what is possible using low-quality air.

A System Functioning at Its Peak

A compressed air system functioning efficiently is a valuable asset that can greatly reduce energy costs and, in some cases, increase production. Compressed air systems are too often viewed as something of a “necessary evil,” ignoring the incredible potential for operational improvement that compressed air provides. Dry, clean compressed air increases overall efficiency, reduces the potential for leaks, and minimizes the amount of time needed for compressed air system maintenance, and best of all, it is easily achievable using an air dryer!

Airtec Creates New Levels of Efficiency

Air dryers are among the most economical additions you can make to your compressed air system. Whether you’re interested a refrigerated air dryer or a robust desiccant air dryer, you can sure that the resulting improved air quality will massively benefit your system. No matter your application or scale, there’s an air dryer to fit your needs, and Airtec is always thrilled to help you find the perfect one for you!

Airtec uses our decades of accumulated experience to provide efficient compressed air solutions for every part of the system. We are experts of all things compressed air, and we are dedicated to the idea that compressed air can and should be used efficiently!

At Airtec, we recognize that compressed air solutions are never “one-size-fits-all,” especially in regard to air dryers. That’s why we offer consultations and free quotes to help you decide which air dryer is the perfect onee to fit your application.

Please contact us or ask us for a quote, and get started saving money, time, and energy today!