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Start preparing for the coming warmer months by investing in a Cabinet Cooler

When you think of manufacturing lines, one word that probably comes to mind is “rugged”. Able to steadily and consistently churn out product after product, the longevity of a manufacturing system is often one of its greatest qualities, and protecting this longevity is certain to be a high priority.

There are many ways you can protect the more precise instrumentation present within your system against general wear and tear, but protecting against something as unpredictable and unrelenting as changing weather is a definite challenge! With the summer months upon us, now is the time to prepare your system for the heat, and there’s no better way to do that than with a Cabinet Cooler.

What Does a Cabinet Cooler Do?

Exair Cabinet Cooler Cabinet Coolers actually have two functions that they can bring to your system. They can stop your cabinets from overheating and causing permanent damage to precision instruments, and they can prevent contaminants like moisture or dust from building up, preserving delicate sensors and equipment. However, their primary function is keeping your system cool.

When electronics get too hot (over 35 degrees Celsius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit), electronics will begin to malfunction. Electronic malfunction can cause everything from major production difficulties to damage to the electronic components themselves, both of which can lead to costly downtime as well as expensive replacement parts.

With summer arriving soon, the importance of preparing your system can’t be overstated. By strategically installing cabinet coolers in your system, you won’t have to worry about overheating your electronics.

How Does a Cabinet Cooler Work?

Cabinet Coolers are extremely efficient in the operating, as they only require a flow of compressed air to function. Cabinet coolers take a flow of compressed air and use a vortex tube to supercool some of the air while expelling any hot air present within. After the air is cooled within the vortex, the cold air flows into the cabinet via a bulkhead on the cabinet cooler, where it can be routed wherever cold air is needed.

Cabinet coolers come with several different features, depending on their purpose. Some cabinet coolers include options for digital thermometers and solenoid valves for precise control and others are a bit more minimal. Whatever your need, we’ll help you find the perfect cooler for your system.

How We Can Help

At Airtec, we want nothing more than to bring efficiency to manufacturing and machinery systems worldwide. Compressed air tools have proven themselves time and time again as the perfect vehicle for efficiency, as they can be used in so many applications for so many purposes. We use our decades of expertise to create efficient solutions to fit systems for systems of all shapes and sizes, and we have the knowledge needed to uncover the perfect location for a cabinet cooler in your system. Feel free to call or email us and find out how efficient use of air compression can benefit you.