Assessing The Quality Of Your Breathing Air Can Improve Your Bottom Line


With our SUTO systems, our foremost focus is on safeguarding the health, safety, and welfare of your employees and all individuals within your facility. Our dedication lies in assisting with your efforts to uphold your business’s adherence to both domestic and global regulatory benchmarks pertaining to air quality for breathing.

Routine evaluations of the air quality provided the workspaces are an essential necessity. Simplify the process by utilizing a single machine to gather and analyze on-site data such as:

  • Oxygen Measurements
  • Carbon Dioxide Measurements
  • Carbon Monoxide Measurements
  • Humidity Measurements
  • Oil Vapor Measurements
  • Pressure Measurements

Improving the air quality of your facilities can lead to happier and more productive staff, and has been proven to affect the bottom line. Effortlessly achieve this with the SUTO Portable Breathing Air Quality Analyzer.

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