Industrial Compressed Air Leakage Detection

Compressed Air is by far the most expensive utility – accounting for up to 30% of the energy consumption of a modern manufacturing facility. In a typical manufacturing operation, it’s not uncommon to find that 20 to 30% of the produced compressed air is lost due to leakage.

Air leaks are hard to pinpoint since they are often located in noisy environments are practically invisible to the naked eye, do not produce any smell or stain. Finding and fixing these loses is key to keeping production costs down. Contact us! We will help you find and repair costly leaks in your Compressed Air System.

Leakage Detection Audit Process:

Step 1: Savings Estimate.

  • A primary assessment of your system will be made at NO COST in order to quantify potential savings.
  • Information from your compressed air system and components will requested of you.
  • We will provide an estimate on what potential savings can be achieved in your plant.

Step 2: Instrument and Measure.

  • Install digital Data Logging equipment to measure the system’s performance and find wasteful practices or other problems.
  • Measure Compressor Load – When is the compressor working and how.
  • Measure Pressure – Find pressure variation and losses due to poor distribution.
  • Evaluate Storage and Treatment – Follows ISO 8573-1.

Step 3: Report and recommendations.

  • A detailed report will be generated containing visualization and analysis of the data gathered.
  • A system recommendations will be made based on the data and other site specifics.