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If you operate or have ever operated a large-scale facility in the food or drug industry, you know how much goes into the safe, consistent manufacture of consumable products. There is next to no margin for error, as even a small contamination can result major consequences.  Even if you take contamination out of the equation, ensuring that you have the proper amount of every necessary material is paramount to the creation of safe products. The need for safe, clean material transport is well-established, so we at Airtec spend a great deal of time and energy searching for the best possible material transport solutions using efficient compressed air. That’s why we often recommend Exair’s Air Conveyors.

When it comes to getting small materials used in the composition of products from point A to point B, there’s really no better way than through the use of an air conveyor. Using a powerful vacuum, air conveyors (often also called ‘line vacs’) utilize suction to move materials through pipes or tubes, sending them wherever they’re needed. For food and drug industries, this is particularly useful, as materials used to make products are often miniscule and difficult to transport. Additionally, food and drug manufacturing facilities must maintain incredibly high standards for cleanliness, making products like Exair’s 316 Stainless Steel line vac an excellent and sanitary option.

Air Conveyors for Food, Pharma, and Chemical

Exair’s 316SS line vac is a relatively low-cost addition capable of drastically increasing the efficiency of your manufacturing line, whether you’re operating in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, or even in chemical. The 316SS is specifically designed with these industries in mind, boasting the natural corrosion- and chemical-resistance that stainless steel construction offers. It performs outstandingly in high and low temperatures alike, and is built to last with a robust construction that all but guarantees a long service life with little maintenance.

The 316SS is now available in two powerful new sizes, at 2-1/2 inch (64mm) and 3 inch (76mm). These two new sizes are designed to fit popular hose and tube diameters, expanding on Exair’s already-versatile catalogue of products. They are easily controlled via pressure regulator and come with the option of a bracket for easy mounting. The 316SS are exclusively powered by compressed air, has no moving parts, and doesn’t require electricity, further ensuring long-life through simple, rugged construction.

The addition of these two new sizes make for a total of nine sizes, ranging from 3/8 inch (10mm) up to 3 inch (76mm), allowing for strategic placement throughout the system. Like all other Exair line vacs, the 316SS is completely CE and OSHA  compliant.

How Airtec Expertise Can Help You

At Airtec, we pride ourselves on our ability to create custom compressed air solutions for facilities of all shapes and sizes. Part of how we do this is by offering only the finest compressed air products, like Exair’s 316SS. In addition to product recommendation, we offer comprehensive training sessions where we work with you to better operate an efficient system, as well as compressed air audits, where we pinpoint the best places to deploy compressed air solutions.

If you’re interested in attaining new levels of compressed air efficiency or learning more about Airtec and our recommended product, please don’t hesitate to contact us!