Compressed Air Quality Equipment Rentals


Want to handle your own compressed air quality management in-house? We can set you up with the tools and training needed to audit your compressed air quality problems. When you rent equipment from Airtec, you get access to the best-in-class product that we use every day, the SUTO S600 Compressed Air Purity Analyzer:

  • All-In-One: measure particle concentration, dew point, and oil vapors 
    • Also measures temperature and pressure
  • Guided by SUTO’s leading software
  • Generate PDF reports

Rentals for the S600 are on a weekly basis only. We can also provide in-depth training on how to use the S600, ensuring that you get the absolute most out of your rental. With unparalleled versatility, precision, and reliability, the S600 is among our favorites of SUTO’s expansive product line, and we are happy to help you use it to your system’s benefit.

Ensuring compressed air quality is one of the most significant low-cost ways to reduce operations costs in modern industrial systems. Because compressed air is used in numerous processes across the facility, there is plenty of room for small inefficiencies on your filtration and air treatment system. These small inefficiencies waste valuable energy resources and place additional strain on critical parts. Renting an S600 and using it to locate your system’s inefficiencies, both minor and significant, can help you take a significant step towards introducing greater energy efficiency to your facility.

Our experts are ready to help you build a better compressed air system, and getting a clearer picture of your system is the first step. Compressed air quality equipment can help you isolate issues, making repairs and optimizations much simpler and faster.  If you’re interested in renting the SUTO S600 or some other compressed air efficiency tool, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.