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Every day, some new technology is created with the goal of solving problems and creating new efficiency within industrial systems. From improving the way that resources are used to malfunction detection and repair, the latest efficiency solutions for industrial settings are proving to be too valuable to be ignored. That’s why we at Airtec recommend the compressed air measurement technology, SUTO.

In a recent blog about SUTO, we gave an overarching view of how SUTO works and what it does. In short, SUTO allows you to monitor your full compressed air system from a single console, giving you the information needed to determine where leaks or other inefficiencies might be within your system. As amazing as this air compressor technology is at first glance, it only gets better the more in-depth you go. 

IIoT and Air Compressor Technology

SUTO provides a nearly textbook definition of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). For those of you who don’t know, Industrial Internet of Things refers to a given set of devices and sensors that communicate information to each other throughout a given industrial setting. In the case of SUTO, the devices and sensors in question provide information on compressed air usage throughout the system, allowing for compressed air monitoring that is more comprehensive and consistent than ever before. SUTO’s all-encompassing approach can be used to accomplish many different goals across the industrial process:

  • Assembly
    • Control resource consumption in this phase
    • Be certain that the conditions are correct for production
  • General Allocation
    • See how dry compressed air is at any given phase, ensuring quality
    • See where resources are being lost and view discrepancies with ease
  • Quality Control
    • 24/7 Online Monitoring
    • Gain proveable compliance metrics
    • Analyze usage and see where improvements can be made
  • Lab/R&D
    • Be sure that all compressed air in-use meets even the highest quality standards

By providing these key metrics for guidance, SUTO allows you to make the best decisions for your system with confidence, no more guesswork or lack of certainty on results. What’s more, you will actually be able to see the effect of the changes you implement in your system, as SUTO’s sensors will pick up even the smallest changes. Whether you are working to conserve energy, reduce expenditures, optimize your process, maintain compliance goals, or work toward environmental protection, SUTO can help you achieve and exceed your goals with relative ease.

Airtec’s Approach to Industrial IoT

At Airtec, we are constantly seeking new technologies to help us create better compressed air solutions. Compressed air is capable of creating incredible levels of efficiency when used properly, and solutions like SUTO can take the power of efficient compressed air to new heights. From the moment SUTO is fully implemented, you will begin to gain a better understanding of the way your system uses resources, providing you with everything needed to make it better. 

To learn more about SUTO, how we recommend its use, or any of our other compressed air efficiency solutions, please feel free to contact us at any time! 

We offer consultations and would love nothing more than to help you get started on the path toward your efficiency goals.