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Compressed air systems are the workhorses of the industrial manufacturing world. From material conveying to blowoff to countless pneumatic processes, compressed air is responsible for a lot of tasks in industrial facilities. As rugged as compressed air systems may be, they still need consistent maintenance in order to keep everything running the way it should. At Airtec, we provide solutions to improve long-term operations and energy efficiency, and our compressed air maintenance services are no exception. Here are 8 reasons we recommend regular maintenance:

  1. Dirty compressed air systems can cause contamination in the products being produced.
    1. In high-purity operations, like pharmaceuticals or food production, dirty compressed air can cause you to fall out of compliance AND damage products
    2. For coating and painting operations, dirty compressed air can contaminate liquid components and ruin the product
  2. Unmaintained compressed air systems can lead to component failure, resulting in costly repairs or replacements.
    1. Lack of maintenance often results in oil vapor or condensation buildup, both of which damage the full compressed air system
  3. Compressed air leaks can waste valuable compressed air and energy, as well as create safety hazards.
    1. Leaky piping, joints, tubing, hoses, etc. can cost thousands per year and overexert your air compressor as it tries to compensate.
    2. Pressure buildups in hoses and other areas can be hazardous to personnel.
    3. Tools that use compressed air may not function properly, slowing day-to-day operations.
  4. A compressed air system that is properly maintained will run more smoothly and reliably, with fewer unexpected outages.
    1. Reduced downtime translates easily into long-term savings and higher production
    2. Compressed air maintenance pays for itself quite quickly
  5. Compressed air maintenance includes cleaning and inspecting all compressed air components to identify potential problems before they occur.
    1. Regular maintenance can give you a better understanding of bottlenecks and problem areas in your system
    2. Airtec also offers sophisticated yet affordable compressed air monitoring solutions that we can install
  6. Well-maintained compressed air systems require less down time for repairs.
    1. Beyond reducing unexpected outages, planned downtime often takes less time on a well-maintained system
  7. Compressed air system maintenance can extend the life of your compressed air components and equipment.
    1. Industrial air compressors aren’t cheap. Regular maintenance can drastically improve the lifespan of your compressor.
    2. Smaller, more replaceable components will also not need to be replaced as frequently
  8. Regular compressed air system maintenance will help ensure that your compressed air system is running at peak performance, saving you time and money in the long run.
    1. Peak performance means peak efficiency and output, allowing your facility to operate at a higher overall level of performance
    2. Use less energy to get the necessary compressor output.

Airtec is a global leader of compressed air efficiency. Our compressed air maintenance services are designed to help you introduce new levels of efficiency to your system, regardless of its size or compressor model. We also offer best-in-class technology, like SUTO, if you require monitoring solutions to better maintain your system. 

If you would like more information on our compressed air system maintenance services, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss our solutions with you and answer any questions you may have.