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During the chilly, dry months of winter, protecting your system from static buildup is typically a high priority. From maintaining product quality to protecting your employees from static discharge in high friction environments, the importance of static elimination can’t be overstated, especially in large-scale facilities that generate a lot of friction. Fortunately, there are many tools and best practices you can adopt to make the process of static elimination easier, many of which actually end up saving you money by reducing the wear-and-tear and other problems caused by static. 

EXAIR Ionizing BarsAt Airtec, we pride ourselves on creating efficient solutions for the common problems facing industrial environments, reducing wasted energy and saving time and money.  For the purpose of static elimination, we offer a multitude of efficient solutions, such as the Ion Air Wipe for precision applications, the Ion Air Knife for strategic placement and blowoff, and the Ion Bar for large sheets of plastic, paper, or film. Each of these products are highly efficient and versatile, perfect for strategic use throughout your system. For large scale blowoff and static elimination on flat surfaces, the Exair Gen4 Ionizing Bar is among the best solutions on the market today. 

Reducing Static While Saving Money

Within industrial facilities, static buildup is an incredibly common problem due to the high friction created by the constant motion of various pieces of equipment. With enough friction, static buildup can become a serious problem, resulting in interference with sensors, leading to incorrect readings, attraction of particles in the air, leading to issues with paint, coating, or general product quality, or even hazardous static discharge, which can put your employees at risk. 

The Exair Gen4 Ionizing Bar can alleviate static buildup by eliminating static at the points where buildup occurs. If your system deals with paper, film, or other sheets of products and materials, you are likely aware of how much static builds up on materials that have a large surface area. This ion bar eliminates static buildup by creating a curtain of both positive and negative ions in high concentration for your products at materials to pass under. Using a small amount of power, Exair’s ion bar charges the air surrounding its emitter points, resulting in ion-charged air that draws positive and negative charge away from anything passing beneath the bar. The Exair Gen4 Ionizing Bar features an electromagnetically-shielded shockless power cable and a lightweight aluminum build and comes in a variety of sizes to fit your purposes, ranging from 3 inches all the way up to 108 inches.

Our Dedication to High-Quality, Efficient Solutions

At Airtec, we work hard to provide our clients with the products and solutions needed to operate efficiently. Our services and recommendations are designed specifically to help save money through reduced resource expenditures, ultimately lowering long-term operational costs and reducing your facility’s carbon footprint. Additionally, many of our recommended products reduce wear-and-tear, increasing the longevity of your resources. 

If you are interested in learning more about any of our products, our expert recommendations, or how you can improve your system, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer free quotes on our efficient solutions and would love you help you meet your goals.