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While a fully efficiency-optimized compressed air system might feature a number of different high-tech and high-profile products, sometimes the smallest part can make all the difference in decreasing energy use. For example, well-placed timer drain can significantly reduce the amount of wasted compressed air, a purpose-built no-drip nozzle can cut down on wasted materials, and an air knife can make use of ambient air to reduce energy expenditure. The air pressure amplifier is another small part that has secured its place in this camp of commonly overlooked products that make a major difference in the way that your system uses compressed air. But the air amplifier isn’t just another way to increase efficient compressed air use. In fact, this amazing piece of engineering exhibits an amazing versatility that can be used to accomplish a wide variety of different tasks.

Efficient Compressed Air Throughout Your System

Air amplifiers are among the simplest additions you can make to your system. They have no moving parts and require no electrical power, ensuring maintenance-free operation. Air amplifiers work by using a small amount of supplied compressed air to pull in surrounding air and direct it through a small ring nozzle at velocity in a process called “entrainment”. This flow can be easily controlled by manually adjusting the air gap. Both the vacuum and discharge ends of the air amplifier can be ducted to either draw air from another area and expel air into another area. 

Now that you have an idea of how they work, you may already be thinking of different applications for air amplification in your system. Due to their powerful directed flow, air pressure amplifiers can be used to accomplish an assortment of different tasks. An amplifier might be used to direct a flow of cold air over a product line, quickly cooling materials to a necessary degree, or it might be used during the cleaning process to clear products of shavings and other particulate matter. If the surrounding air is filled with smoke from some part of the production process, air pressure amplifiers can even be used to draw the smokey air in and expel it elsewhere by ducting the discharge end. If small materials need to be transported quickly, you can make further use of the ducting to make small air conveyors that depend only on ambient air to send materials to their proper place. The possibilities are nearly endless when you use an air amplifier. 

Airtec’s recommended air amplifiers include the Exair Adjustable Air Amplifier, which features a highly-adjustable air gap capable of fine-tuning, and the Exair Super Air Amplifier, which has a patented design that maintains critical position of the component parts. 

Airtec’s Compressed Air Solutions

At Airtec, we work hard to create and provide efficient, realistic compressed air solutions aimed at saving time, energy, and money for businesses of all sizes. From large scale manufacturing facilities to machine shops, we offer solutions capable of helping you cut costs, save energy, and reduce your carbon footprint all at once. If you’re interested in learning more about our recommended products or our compressed air efficiency solutions, please feel free to contact us any time!