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In many industrial systems, the most damage is often done by the smallest oversight. The quantity of degraded components can easily build up if not consistently addressed, leading to problems as wide ranging as constant resource waste and catastrophic shutdown. In this day and age, when operational budgets are being reevaluated and cut left and right, there’s absolutely no room for waste. That’s why we at Airtec offer an array of recommended products and services that includes technology-driven compressed air solutions, like SUTO, aimed at preparing your system for whatever lies ahead.

SUTO offers among the most advanced and cost-effective compressed air solutions on the market, from data-powered controls to precision sensors to their purpose-built software suite. Every single SUTO product is integrated into a single database that is accessible via their dashboard, so you can instantly view the status of your full compressed air system all in one console. With SUTO’s compressed air technology, routine maintenance becomes much simpler while also reducing the margin for error. In addition to keeping your system operating at its peak, SUTO also provides some of the best spot-checking tools in the business, allowing you to locate any and all leaks or power losses. 

Leak Detection and Power Measuring

Leak detection is a critical part of maintaining compressed air efficiency, but it is often time-consuming. After all, manually checking-up on an entire compressed air system on a regular basis is almost impossibly labor-intensive. However, when you couple the data gathered by SUTO’s sensors with their advanced S 530 Leak Detector, leak detection and repair can be handled much more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy. To a similar end, with SUTO’s S 110 Power Meter, you can be sure that your air compressor is always functioning the way it should. SUTO’s solutions give you the power to operate your system at the highest possible levels. 

S 530 Leak Detector for Pneumatic Systems

  • Leak detection in compressed air, refrigerants, or any gas
  • Insulation test for doors and windows
  • Detect partial electrical discharges that damages insulation
  • Transforms inaudible signals into a frequency which can be easily heard
  • Additional features include
    • Noise-isolated headset 
    • Integrated laser pointer to spot leaks from a distance
    • Ultrasonic tone generator used to find small openings in unpressurized environments 

S 110 Power Meter for Air Compressors

  • Measure the actual power consumption in kW and accumulate the Energy consumption in kWh of a 3-phase load
  • Measure other parameters such as current, voltage, cos phi etc.
  • Hat rail, wall mountable and portable versions are available

With SUTO, you can put the days of elusive leaks, mysterious power dips, and frequent malfunctions comfortably behind you, all while further optimizing your system in preparation for further economic twists and turns. The solutions above are designed specifically for compressed air systems, reducing the risk of false positives. To learn more about SUTO, compressed air technology, or Airtec and how we can help you optimize your system, please feel free to reach out to us today.