Save Up to 20% in Power Consumption

In highly complex compressed air systems, there are plenty of ways for potential problems to take root, which can cause damage to your system. 

But regular preventative care can easily prevent inefficiencies and unscheduled downtime, giving you more control over operations costs. Airtec’s compressed air audit procedure is designed to provide you with the best path for preventative care and air optimization, identifying and proposing solutions to problems before they become more serious. 

Our compressed air audits typically also lead to an increase in efficiency. In fact, the minimum expected savings after investing in the recommended improvements is 20% of your total electric power consumption.

Our compressed air audit checklist includes:

  • Analysis of pressure behavior in each compressor 
  • Analysis of the load on compressors
  • Calculation of peak flow and average flow of each system
  • Calculation each system’s operating costs
  • Proposal of cost-effective solutions where needed

When completed, a compressed air audit will leave you with a number of solutions that can help you increase efficiency and optimize the performance of your compressed air system, all at the lowest possible cost to you.

The Airtec Compressed Air Audit Procedure:

  • Determines the current operating condition of the system
  • Allows us to help you visualize new optimization opportunities
  • Empowers you to build a reliable system at the lowest possible cost

Compressed air audit cost is dependent upon the scale of your facility, the size of your air compression system, and remote monitoring costs, should you have anything you’d like us to monitor.

What You Need Before We Start

In order to provide you with the most accurate assessment of your air compression system possible, make sure that you have any available information on operating and maintenance costs on hand so we can take it into account when conducting the compressed air audit. If you don’t have operating costs available, no need to worry! We can use default values to create the next best assessment. 

Other items that come with your compressed air audit:

  • Storage calculation
  • Demand control at minimum optimum pressure
  • Leak detection and elimination
  • Discovery of improper usage
  • Improvements or changes in compressors and treatment equipment
  • Diagram recommended installation

In addition to optimizing and improving the efficiency of your system, our Air Audits also provide you with long-term solutions that improve the lifespan of your current equipment. Our Audits are designed to find everything in your compression system that can be improved to help you get the most out of it.

Airtec also provides onsite training for your technicians and systems administrators on pneumatic systems and compressed air components. The training lasts 4 hours and is included in the cost of your compressed air audit.

All of our products and services center on creating the most efficient possible solution for any and all of your compressed air needs. We have years of experience with compressed air systems and can help you precisely eliminate any inefficiencies while providing cost-effective solutions. Our Air Audits are the perfect way to help you figure out how to best invest in improvements for your air system. 

Call or email us today for a quote and to find out how Airtec can identify improvements for your compressed air system.