Safety Air Guns

Inexpensive air guns are sold through many catalogs and industrial supply companies. Most have triggers or other parts that break quickly. Their performance is similar to open pipe, where they simply blow a lot of compressed air. In addition to the high air consumption, many produce noise levels that violate OSHA requirements. Some even generate dangerous dead end pressures that can result in serious or fatal injuries if blocked.

EXAIR’s Safety Air Guns eliminate these problems. Th ey are durable and comfortable to use. Each model uses an engineered Air Nozzle that provides superior performance by entraining large volumes of surrounding air. Safe operation is assured along with low air consumption and noise levels. Airfl ow that exits the nozzle can not be blocked, as required by OSHA standard 1910.242(b).

Safety Air Guns We Use

EXAIR Variblast Compact Safety Air Gun
VariBlast Safety Air Gun

EXAIR’s VariBlast™ Compact Safety Air Guns are a small and lightweight air gun capable of handling tough jobs. Designed with a variable flow trigger they are able to produce different force values from the same nozzle simply by pulling the trigger. These air guns can be outfitted with all of EXAIR’s 1/8 NPT engineered air nozzles and extensions.


Soft Grip Safety Air Gun

EXAIR’s Soft Grip Safety Air Gun is ideal for hours of continuous use without fatigue. The ergonomic design keeps the hand in a comfortable position and incorporates a large trigger that permits operation with one or more fingers.

Heavy Duty Safety Air Gun

EXAIR’s Heavy Duty Safety Air Gun is a powerful air gun that delivers high force for use in rugged, industrial environments. The 3/8 NPT compressed air inlet increases the compressed air flow available to the Super Air Nozzle, resulting in higher force and flow than other air guns.

Super Blast Safety Air Gun

These hand-held versions of our Super Air Nozzle Clusters and large Super Air Nozzles provide the same strong blowing force with the added convenience of a comfortable soft grip and easy to operate spring-loaded manual valve that automatically shuts off if it is dropped.

Chip Shields
Chip Shields

Chip Shields are durable polycarbonate shields that protect operators from flying debris often associated with blowing chips off machined parts. Chip Shields are also great for keeping coolant from spreading everywhere during drying operations.