Static Eliminators

Airtec offers several high-quality static elimination products to help improve your system and increase productivity. Static buildup causes many problems for manufacturing and heavy machinery. From causing false readings to attracting dust particles to products, the presence of static is a difficult problem to solve. Airtec has the experience needed to help you isolate problem areas then place static eliminators accordingly to reduce static buildup and discharge.

New EXAIR Static Eliminator

EXAIR Model 8600 Varistat Benchtop Ionizer
Model 8600 Varistat Benchtop Ionizer™

The EXAIR Varistat Benchtop Ionizer is a blower style static eliminator designed to neutralize static charges on surfaces in demanding industrial settings where static can become troublesome. With the help of ionizing technology, the Varistat supplies a constant stream of ion-balancing airflow to keep products static-free and particulate-free with hands-free operation and without the need of compressed air.

The Varistat Benchtop Ionizer is the latest solution from EXAIR and it brings a new style of static eliminator to our roster of products. Providing a constant stream of particulate-free and ionized air, the Varistat offers a few key advantages:

  • Fan-Driven
    The first of its kind at EXAIR, the Varistat is fan-driven, meaning it doesn’t require compressed air to operate. Simply plug it in, and flip the switch to begin removing static in your process!
  • Hands-Free
    The Varistat comes with an adjustable stand that not only makes it great for setting right on your benchtop or assembly area, but it can be easily mounted on machines or on production lines.
  • Adjustability
    The Varistat also offers a number of adjustable features to help tailor it to your unique process. Includes options like fan speed, adjustable polarity and more!

Gen4 Static Eliminators

Our Gen4 static eliminators have undergone independent laboratory tests to certify it meets the rigorous safety, health and environmental standards of the USA, European Union and Canada that are required to attain the CE and UL marks

At Airtec, we want to simplify compressed air. By helping everyone understand the basics of compressed air and by bringing specialized services to the global industry, we will help make compressed air use more efficient worldwide, one kilowatt-hour at a time. Call or email us for quote, and find out how you can start saving today.

Gen4 Static Eliminators We Use

EXAIR Super Ion Air Knife
Super Ion Air Knife

EXAIR’s Super Ion Air Knife removes static electricity from plastics, webs, sheet stock and other product surfaces where tearing, jamming or hazardous shocks are a problem. The laminar sheet of air sweeps surfaces clean of static, particulate, dust and dirt. Production speeds, product quality, and surface cleanliness can improve dramatically.

EXAIR Standard Ion Air Knife
Standard Ion Air Knife

EXAIR’s Standard Ion Air Knife is an effective way to eliminate static. Like its “super” counterpart, the Standard Ion Air Knife removes static electricity from plastics, webs, sheet stock and other surfaces where tearing, jamming or hazardous shocks are a problem.

EXAIR Ionizing Bars
Ionizing Bars

EXAIR’s Ionizing Bar eliminates static electricity on paper, film and plastics that can attract dust and foreign materials, ruin product appearance, produce tearing or jamming, and zap personnel. The electrically powered Ionizing Bar is compact, allowing it to fit in the confined spaces of machinery, where the charge is generated.

EXAIR Ion Air Cannon
Ion Air Cannon

EXAIR’s Ion Air Cannon neutralizes static electricity and cleans at distances up to 15 feet (4.6m) with no moving parts. It is ideal for those hard to reach spaces or confined areas that require a concentrated flow of static eliminating ions. With an optional pressure regulator, the air volume and velocity are infinitely adjustable over a wide range, for light to heavy duty applications.

EXAIR Super Ion Air Wipe
Super Ion Air Wipe

EXAIR’s Super Ion Air Wipe provides a uniform 360 ̊ ionized airstream that is easy to clamp around a part for eliminating static electricity and contaminants. It is ideal for use on pipe, cable, extruded shapes, hose, wire and more. It maximizes ionized airflow while minimizing compressed air consumption.

EXAIR Ion Air Gun
Ion Air Gun

EXAIR’s Ion Air Gun combines incredibly fast static decay rates with low compressed air consumption. It is the ideal way to remove static, contaminants and dust from three dimensional parts prior to assembly, packaging, painting or finishing. The Ion Air Gun neutralizes static electricity and cleans at distances up to 15 feet (4.6m).

EXAIR Ion Air Jet
Ion Air Jet

EXAIR’s Ion Air Jet delivers a concentrated airflow that can cover a precise spot without disturbing other areas. is quiet, focused airstream provides incredibly fast static decay rates and cleaning ability. The Ion Air Jet is the ideal way to remove static and dust from small parts prior to shrink wrapping, packaging, printing, painting or finishing.

EXAIR Ionizing Point
Ionizing Point

EXAIR’s Ionizing Point is a compact, single point ionizer ideal for winding, rewinding or slitting operations. It can also be mounted through a duct to neutralize static charges due to moving air or materials.

EXAIR Static Meter
Static Meter

The Model 7905 Digital Static Meter allows easy one-hand static measurements. In most cases, the highest voltage reading will indicate the source of the static problem. Sensitive and responsive, it indicates the surface voltage and polarity on objects up to ±20 kV when measured one inch (25mm) away.


EXAIR Power Supply for Bar Operation
Power Supply 

The two and four outlet Gen4 Power supplies have selectable voltage which allows you to choose input voltages of 115VAC or 230VAC.