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A connected air compressor system for the industry of the future.

It is said that humanity is on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution. 

The first industrial revolution was kicked off by the introduction of the steam engine, a clever device designed to create mechanical energy through the use of water vapour. The second industrial revolution was ushered by new technologies like electricity and new concepts like the industrial production line. Then, a third industrial revolution came about when electronic systems, like the PLC, and information technologies were introduced in the late 1960’s that could help further the automation of production.

Today, a fourth industrial revolution is looming with the introduction of “cyber-physical” systems that exist both in the real world and in cyberspace.

Airmatics - Industry 4.0 for Air Compressors

Image: Industry 4.0 in Air Compressors – Wikimedia Commons.

The “industrial internet of things”, or IIoT for short, is a vision of a very near future where all physical industrial devices and machinery are interconnected through the internet cloud.

Adding connectivity to your Air Compressors can help you reduce the risk of downtime, plan better maintenance and be more energy efficient.

Cloud Services for your compressed air system – Introducing Airmatics.

Logo for Airmatics - Industry 4.0 IIoT Compressor Platform

Airmatics is an off the shelf solution to help you prepare your compressed air system for the connected industry.

The CMC Airmatics Airtag Module

The CMC Airmatics Airtag Module

Airmatics is an Air compressor IIoT platform

What benefits does connectivity have?

  • Data collected by the system will allow for better decisions on maintenance and operation.
  • Allow for direct communication between your compressor and our service team. Remotely Troubleshoot your system.
  • Get real time alarms and feedback directly from your machines.

How does it work?

Pay a single purchase and installation fee and get free data and monitoring for 10 years!

Buy an Airmatics kit for each of your compressors, follow our simple instructions and get your compressor connected in a heartbeat.

Talk with a compressed air expert to learn more!