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Every day, countless new advancements are being introduced to compressed air systems. In most cases, this new tech ends up saving money by reducing operations costs through efficiency boosting. 

One specific area that has shown a lot of innovation over the last few years has been leak detection. Of all the new compressed air technology currently available, leak detection technology and master controls have proven to be among the most valuable. This is very much in step with long-held best practices for compressed air. 

Leakage repair is among the most important tasks you can do to ensure operational efficiency. New compressed air master controls, like our recommended brands, SUTO, AIRMATICS, and Energair, effectively add a level of automation that reveals where leaks occur throughout your system, eliminating the time-consuming process of tracking leaks down manually. 

Airmatics is an Air compressor IIoT platform

Leak Detection and Efficiency Boosting

At Airtec, efficiency is our top priority. Whether we’re combing through your system looking for leaks or recommending new products and improvements, our primary goal will always be to provide you with the tools you need to better your facility as a whole. Our recommendations for master controls were selected specifically to help bolster your system’s efficiency by giving you more control over airflow and more information on the way your system actually uses resources. 

As powerful as it is, compressed air is rarely utilized to its full potential, because there are countless areas that can leak or overuse compressed air. With master controls, you no longer have to worry about wondering where you’re wasting resources, because you can clearly see where leaks occur in the master interface. In most cases, locating the leak is about 80% of the battle, as repairs are typically not too difficult. 

Beyond simple leak detection, monitoring tools give you detailed information on the quality of your compressed air. High-quality compressed air is paramount to increasing operational efficiency, reducing general wear-and-tear and keeping point-of-use products from damage caused by clogging.

At this point, you might be wondering, “What’s the point of permanent monitoring tools after I make all the necessary repairs?” Unfortunately, even the most advanced compressed air system will still have problems at some point, and it’s better and significantly more cost-effective to have a system consistently working at its peak than one that requires you to run through a checklist every 6 months only to realize something isn’t quite working the way it should. 

Helping You Make the Right Choice

With any new compressed air technology, figuring out what you actually need and how to use it can be a bit difficult. At Airtec, we offer consultation and training services to help you implement new tech into your system seamlessly. Between our years of experience in the compressed air industry and our expertise in new IoT technology, Airtec can help you take advantage of Cloud-based controls with ease, saving you money, time, and resources. 

If you’re interested in learning more about compressed air monitoring technology or any of our other solutions, please feel free to contact us at any time!