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Measure Compressed Air Quality Efficiently

It is necessary to measure air quality in modern compressed air systems. One part of this is to measure the particle concentration in the supplied air. The common problem that occurs is that most particle counter operate only at the ambient pressure. This means that pressure needs to be reduced.

Reducing pressure without a major impact on the counted particles is hard to achieve. Users should always consider what solution is offered by the particle counter supplier. 

The ISO 8573-4 regulations state that a standard flow control or ball valve should not be used to reduce the pressure prior to the point of measurement because this could cause a lowered measurement value. Furthermore, it stated that pressure regulators should never be used in front of the measurement equipment. Pressure regulators and their materials are typically not suited to be used due to particle shedding. 

Laser Particle Counter for Compressed Air

The S130 is a new generation laser particle counter optimized for applications in compressed air or compressed air gases. With quality in mind and with the knowledge of customer needs this instrument is designed for continuous 24/7 operation. Depending on the selected model there is sensitivity available from 0.1 … 5.0 m. The S 130 can fulfill the requirements stipulated in the compressed air standard ISO 8573-4.

The measurement values represent the particle counts per ft3, l or m3 or alternatively g/m3. Settings can be done through the integrated display, an external SUTO display or through the service software If you’re interested in learning more about SUTO and how it might impact your operations, or you’re just interested compressed air efficiency in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime! We offer free quotes on our compressed air solutions, and would love to help you achieve your goals of energy efficiency.