Condensate Management

Remove Excess Moisture for Higher-Quality Air

Creating clean, dry air for your compressor is one of the best ways to ensure its reliability as well as efficient air production. One of the most common outside contaminants within air compressors occurs when excess moisture mixes with oil and creates condensate. Condensate can collect and be responsible for:

  • Buildup of rust and increased wear to moving parts within the compression system
  • Damage to downstream components and processes

Because condensate can cause damage to your air compression system, Airtec designs custom solutions to help you best manage the presence of condensate within your system. We stock many of the leading brands in condensate management and offer our personal guidance to ensure that you get the perfect product for your system.

Some of the condensate management tools we offer:

  • Timer Drains
    • Popular, inexpensive option
    • Drains empties at an interval set by the user
  • Demand Drains
    • Efficient, require less energy
    • Only operates when condensate triggers a sensor
  • Oil/Water Separators
    • Treats condensate to separate the components
    • Helps eliminate condensate through treatment

As experts in air compression systems, our mission is to help your system run as efficiently as possible. Effective condensate management is an excellent way to ensure that your equipment runs smoothly and minimize the time proper disposal of condensate requires. Call or email us today for a quote and find out how we can help you improve your condensate management.

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Though drains use some energy to function, both timer and demand drains end up saving you a great deal of energy. By using a drain, you can prevent the pressure drops and irregular performance found in systems that don’t use drains of any type. Timer and demand drains can also help you save time by removing the need to regularly empty condensate from your system by hand.

Timer Drains

If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive solution for condensate draining, timer drains are the way to go. They come standard on many refrigerated air dryers and come with an adjustable on-time and interval between drain events. They can be easily adjusted as needed, and we at Airtec are more than happy to set the timer to the perfect point, as it may change depending on the season and climate.

Demand Drains

Demand Drains are an outstanding long term solution to draining condensate from your air compression system. They use a sensor to detect when condensate has accumulated and eject it from your system automatically. Demand drains run consistently without requiring much maintenance.

Oil/Water Separators

Though drains can remove condensate effectively, condensate must be disposed of according to wastewater regulations. Oil/Water Separators allow for simpler disposal of condensate and can help prevent corrosion by removing water from your compressor’s necessary lubrication.

Regardless of the size of your system, Airtec can make a condensate management solution tailored to your needs. We work hard to bring efficiency to air compression systems, and effective condensate management is a great way of doing that. Call or email us and let us help you improve the performance of your system.