Oil-Water Separators

Creating clean, dry air for your compressor is one of the best ways to ensure its reliability as well as efficient air production. One of the most common outside contaminants within air compressors occurs when excess moisture mixes with oil and creates condensate. Condensate can collect and be responsible for:

  • Buildup of rust and increased wear to moving parts within the compression system
  • Damage to downstream components and processes

In order to combat the damaging presence of condensate in your air compression system, Airtec offers cutting edge Oil/Water Separators, which allow water to flow through after thoroughly removing oil. Our Oil/Water Separators can both extend the life of your system by removing condensate and simplify your wastewater disposal methods. By treating condensate, Oil/Water Separators allow you to dispose of wastewater without having to worry about additional treatment or the more extensive disposal methods.

Oil-Water Separators We Use

oil-water separator

This oil/water separator is designed for continuous operation, separates different types of oils, and does not require electricity. The Accu-Zorb utilizes multi-stage separations technology to clean up condensate streams to stay in compliance.

oil-water separator

The Posi-Zorb uses a pneumatically operated pump to ensure uninterrupted filtration from condensate streams. The filter module contains proprietary media that selectively remove emulsified oils and hold up to four times the amount of oil compared to standard activated carbon. This anti-clogging oil/water separator is designed to remove nearly all oils and can be in operation continuously.

oil-water separator

The Accu-Sep utilizes multi-stage separations technology to clean up condensate streams to stay in compliance. This heavy-duty oil/water separator is designed for continuous operation and does not require electricity.

 oil-water separator

The AOWS Condensate Separator is a simple and cost effective way to meet environmental regulations for condensate disposal.

Reduce or Eliminate Condensate Completely

At Airtec, we stock and service many of the leading Oil/Water Separators. Here are some of the benefits a new Oil/Water Separator can bring:

  • Complete removal of condensate from your compression system
  • Increase longevity of your current equipment
  • Save you time and money on wastewater disposal

Thorough removal of condensate is of the utmost importance when it comes to maintaining the longevity of your air compression system. Oil/Water Separators allow you to free your system from condensate buildup and all the problems that come with it.  In addition to helping you find the right Separator, we at Airtec can help you install and properly set it up for optimal removal of condensate.

Regardless of the size of your system, Airtec can make a condensate management solution tailored to your needs. We work hard to bring efficiency to air compression systems, and effective condensate management is a great way of doing that. Call or email us and let us help you improve the performance of your system.