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S605 Portable Breathing Air Quality Analyzer

S605 Portable Breathing Air Quality Analyzer

The SUTO S605 Portable Breathing Air Quality Analyzer, measures O2, CO2, CO, Dew Point, Oil Vapor and Pressure as defined in the breathing air purity standards.

  • Portable: weighs just 11kg and comes with carrying case
  • Advanced: combines latest sensors and software into a single unit
  • Versatile: Accurate Data of O₂, CO, CO₂, H₂O, Oil Vapor and Pressure


S605 Portable Breathing Air Quality Analyzer


The S605 Portable Breathing Air Analyzer offers a cutting-edge solution designed to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality in breathing air filling stations and breathing air systems. This state-of-the-art analyzer combines advanced technology with exceptional portability, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of industries and applications. The software-guided measurement makes it easy to use and minimizes the risk of error.


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Fewer Errors

One set of measurements reduces margin of error

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Complete Convenience

Take every measurement at once without switching tools



Operators of breathing air systems are required to fill respiratory air in line with international standards such as EN 12021 or CFSR 1910.134(d).

Regular checks with the Breathing Air Quality Analyzer S605 are an indispensable part for a safe operation in Fire Departments, Diving, Offshore, Paint Spraying, Welding, Hazardous chemical



Oxygen O2
Accuracy ± 1 % of reading ± 0.05 %
Measuring range 0 … 25 %
Resolution 0.1 %
Sensor Optical oxygen senor
Carbon Dioxide CO2
Accuracy ± 1 % of reading ± 25 ppm
Measuring range 0 … 1000 ppm
Resolution 1 ppm
Sensor NDIR sensor
Carbon Monoxide CO
Accuracy ± 5 % of reading ± 1 ppm
Measuring range 0 … 20 ppm
Resolution 0.1 ppm
Sensor Electrochemical sensor
Humidity H2O
Accuracy ± 2 °C Td
Measuring range – 100 … + 20 °C Td /
0 … 17458.6 mg/m³
Resolution 0,1 mg/m3
Sensor QCM + Polymer
Oil Vapor
Accuracy 5 % of reading ± 0.003 mg/m³
Measuring range 0.001 … 5.000 mg/m³
(Based on 1000 hPa(a), 20 °C,
0 % relative humidity)
Resolution 0,001 mg/m³
Sensor Photo ionization detector
Oil Mist and Particlel
Accuracy 15 % of reading ± 0.1 mg/m³
Measuring range 0.0 … 5.0 mg/m³
(Based on 1000 hPa(a), 20 °C,
0 % relative humidity)
Resolution 0,1 mg/m³
Sensor Oil mist and particle sensor
Accuracy 0.5 % FS
Measuring range 0 … 16 bar(g)
Resolution 0.01 bar
Sensor Piezo resistive pressure sensor


Protocol Modbus/RTU (RS485)
Modbus/TCP (Ethernet)
Update rate 1 / sec.
Power supply
Voltage supply 18-32 VDC, 20 W
Current consumption 1.4 A
USB USB Micro with OTG support
4G/LTE USB USB Port for 4G/LTE Modem


Others Device comes pre-configured
Configuration can be done via
on-screen touch
Integrated 5” color touch screen
Data Logger
Storage Up to 3 million recorded data sets
(10 channels each)
Report Integrated report generator for PDF export
Process connection 6 mm quick connector
Housing PC, Al alloy
Electrical connection M12, USB-C, RJ45
Protection class IP54
Water Inlet 6 mm connector
Dimensions 470 x 365 x 181 mm
Weight 11 kg
Operating conditions
Measuring Medium Compressed breathing air
Sample Flow Rate 6 LPM@4 MPa(g), depends on input pressure
Sample rate 1 sample/sec
Medium temperature 0 … +45 °C
Medium humidity Medium humidity < 40 % rH,
no condensation
Inlet Pressure 0.4 … 1.5 MPa(g), External pressure reducer allow up to 35 MPa process pressure
Ambient temperature 0 … +50 °C
Ambient humidity 0 … 90 % rH
Storage temperature -10 … +50 °C
Transport temperature -10 … +50 °C



Catalog Cover SUTO_S605_23-1b_EN (2 MB)