Displays, Data Loggers, and Software

SUTO offers an array of displays and data loggers that allow you to easily view the information gathered by the sensors and meters in a single dashboard. SUTO’s displays show dew point, consumption, air quality data, and more from across your compressed air system, instantly revealing the system’s overall health. SUTO’s displays and software are detailed and straightforward, putting all the information and data you need at your fingertips.

Compressor Efficiency Test

SUTO Products We Use

S330 / S331 Display and Data Logger

The S330 / S331 Data Logger and Display provides a universal solution for displaying and recording all relevant parameter of a compressed air system. This includes flow, dew point, pressure, temperature, power consumption, compressor status, and so on. The device offers a powerful yet cost-efficient data logger and display solution for optimal and reliable management and monitoring of your compressed air system.

S320 Display

The S320 local display provides a simple, cost effective solution for applications where information from a single, difficult-to-access sensor is required.

S551 Compressed Air Analyzer

The S551 Compressed Air Analyzer offers an all-encompassing view of your system’s air quality. View air flow, air consumption, power consumption, pressure, temperature, and more from your full system in a single dashboard.

Smart Compressed Air System Monitoring with S4M

S4M is the complete monitoring solution for your energy management. It delivers real-time analytics of installations and can identify potential issues before they even occur. S4M intelligently gathers, compares, and analyses data to help compressed air users increase maintenance and service efficiency, making energy savings easy.

S4C-FS Software

Easy-to-use Smartphone App to monitor SUTO compressed air and gas flow meters. Just connect to flow sensors in the field for easy commissioning and configuration and get live readings from connected sensors.

Connect wirelessly to SUTO flow sensors, Free mobile phone app for Android (c) and iOS (c), Live measurement data in the palm of your hands, Configuration and Settings directly on site, Connect to multiple sensors in your factory for fast commissioning.