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Compressed air technology is taking rapid strides with each passing year. From efficiency-boosting flow measurement to sophisticated but sturdy dew point sensors, the quantity of possibilities present in this new tech is incredible. At Airtec, we strive to continually seek the best products and practices for compressed air systems today, and within the world of compressed air technology, SUTO is consistently one of our top recommendations. 

SUTO’s IoT products allow you to monitor your entire system in a single interface, meaning that you don’t have to waste time combing through your system for individual measurements. Instead, SUTO offers several different displays/data loggers to provide you with visual representation of exactly what is going on in your system at any given time. To learn more about any of the solutions below, please feel free to reach out to our team today!

Displays and Data Loggers

S 330/331 Display and Data Logger

  • High resolution 5“ colour touch screen interface
  • All SUTO sensors and compatible third party sensors are connectable
    • 16 x Modbus inputs (58 standard or optional 108 Channels)
    • 2 x SDI inputs (12 channels)
    • 2 x Analog and pulse input (4 channels)
    • Plus 10 virtual channels for calculations like kW/m³/min or Differential pressure
  • 2 wall casings available: 4 cable glands or 7 cable glands
  • USB interface for data transfer to data stick or PC
  • RS-485 (Modbus RTU) and Ethernet (Modbus TCP) interface to factory automation system
  • 10 W sensor power supply (24 VDC)
  • Data logger (S 331 only): 100 million values
  • Alarm monitoring with 2 relay outputs
  • Integrated web server for remote monitoring
  • Quick set up
  • Various options for system extension

S 320 Display 

The S 320 local display provides a simple, cost effective solution where information from a single difficult to access sensor is required.

S 551 Compressed Air Analyzer

  • Easy to use
    • Just connect the sensor and start the recording, no configuration and programming required
    • Easy operation through color-touch display
  • Flexible
    • Connectable sensors for all required measurement tasks (air flow, air consumption, power consumption, pressure, temperature and many more)
    • Up to 24 inputs through extension boxes and Modbus
    • Several loggers can be combined: no need to have long cables from the sensor to the logger
    • Third party sensors can be easily connected
  • Safe
    • Power glitches and cuts won‘t affect performance: battery backup power
  • Efficient
    • S 551 logs data on site
    • Data is analyzed in the office
    • Full software package includes:
      • S4A for basic analysis
      •  CAA for compressed air audit analyzes


As useful as visual interfaces are, they are only as good as the software behind them. SUTO offers some of the most advanced and accurate software on the market. Their S4M offering is part of a new generation of monitoring software designed to monitor systems of all scales with pinpoint accuracy.

Smart Compressed Air System Monitoring with S4M

  • Data acquisition of from an unlimited number of sensors from locations all over the world
  • Alarm monitoring and indications on screen, relay and SMS
  • Secure data storage on local hard drive in a SQL database
  • Server / client architecture
  • Application software installed on Windows PC
  • Client access through web browser (PC, tablet, HMI terminal)
  • Remote access via Internet 
  • Scalable customizable solution
  • Communication with field devices through Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU or via web
  • Multi-language support
  • Email feature for sending alarms and reports
  • Consumption reporting (optional)