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Within the manufacturing industry, the need for efficient transportation of certain materials from one part of the line to the other cannot be ignored. Efficient material transportation can create a new level of manufacturing productivity, removing unnecessary steps and reducing waste of resources.

Line vacs are among the best and fastest ways ways to move materials from place to the other, but sometimes, the volume of materials is too large or the materials in use are much too heavy to be effectively transported with a standard line vac. Exair recognized this problem and, as with their other solutions, went above and beyond in creating a product that meets needs and exceeds expectations!

Transport Heavy Materials Greater Distances with the Exair Heavy Duty Line Vac

At Airtec, we’re constantly impressed by the dedication to quality and innovation exhibited by Exair. Exair products have proven themselves time and time again to be standard-setters for compressed air efficiency. The Exair Heavy Duty Line Vacs are no exception.

Designed for even the most rugged industrial application, Exair’s Heavy Duty Line Vacs boast a hardened alloy construction that prevents wear-and-tear even when transporting heavy and abrasive materials like shot blast, tumbling media, or metal fittings. These Line Vacs utilize large throat diameters that make it possible to convey more material over greater horizontal and vertical distances. The Heavy Duty Conveyor is a true powerhouse, with conveying rate about twice that of the average air powered conveyor

Like other air conveyors, the Exair Heavy Duty Line Vacs eject a small amount of compressed air through directed nozzles into the throat, producing a vacuum on one end and high-output flows on the other with an instantaneous response. The conveying rate can be easily controlled with a simple pressure regulator, and no moving parts or electricity ensures that operation is nearly maintenance free!

The Exair Heavy Duty Line Vac is available in seven sizes, up to 3 inches (76mm), all of which fit popular hose and tube diameters. If common pipes are being used for conveying, the Threaded Heavy Duty Line Vac is also available. Like other Exair products, all Heavy Duty Line Vacs are CE compliant and meet all OSHA pressure requirements.

Airtec’s Efficient Solutions

At Airtec, we make it our mission to use efficient compressed air to help manufacturers save time and money all throughout the line. We work hard to craft solutions for our clients that meet their specific needs.

We recommend Exair’s Heavy Duty Line Vac because it ensures that materials can be transported without wasting valuable compressed air, and due to its rugged design, it is unlikely to break down or wear out.

If you are interest in the Heavy Duty Line Vac or other efficient compressed air solutions, please feel free to contact us and find out how your system can become both more cost-effective and more reliable.