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Summer is approaching, and internal temperatures in the production area are increasing significantly!

In an ideal world, you would think of summer and imagine the sun, beach, sand, and a refreshing drink. However, in the industrial world, summer brings several challenges as rising temperatures can damage electronic components, potentially leading to production shutdowns due to high temperatures within cabinets.

Given the high market demand for a maintenance-free cabinet cooling method that avoids system damage or corrosion, Exair offers the solution with their Cabinet Coolers. These devices use the same technology as Vortex Tubes for compressed air cooling, allowing them to distribute that air within the cabinet, creating positive pressure, preventing the introduction of external contaminants, and maintaining regulated temperatures with their electronic thermostat.

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all cabinet in the industry, and temperatures vary significantly across different regions and even within various plants. That’s why, with our Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide, you can provide the necessary information to our technical team, allowing us to recommend the correct model and capacity of cabinet cooler for your specific application.

In this sizing guide, it’s crucial to specify details such as external, internal, and desired temperatures, whether in Celsius or Fahrenheit, along with each cabinet’s dimensions and depth or if the environment is corrosive. These are important variables that will determine the level of cooling your cabinet needs to maintain stable temperatures and avoid production stops or damage to electrical components.