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Pneumatic Conveying: Move Materials Efficiently

Within any industrial system, the movements of materials from Point A to Point B isn’t exactly seen as an opportunity to improve operations. If anything, it’s a challenge to be overcome then swiftly forgotten, allowing the processes put into place to take their course. But like anything in industrial systems, there is always room for […]

The Basics of the Line Vac

Compressed air and compressed air products have an incredible quantity of distinct uses in a wide variety of industrial settings, from massive manufacturing facilities to small machine shops. These versatile products can be used to many different ends, helping you reduce operations costs, increase productivity, and accomplish new levels of efficiency. One of the most […]

Heavy Duty Air Conveying

Within the manufacturing industry, the need for efficient transportation of certain materials from one part of the line to the other cannot be ignored. Efficient material transportation can create a new level of manufacturing productivity, removing unnecessary steps and reducing waste of resources. Line vacs are among the best and fastest ways ways to move […]

Safely Transporting Materials with Exair’s Sanitary Air Conveyor

Convey materials through your system without concern of contamination. Every single time Exair announces a new product, we can’t help but be impressed with their dedication to innovation and quality. No matter how small or simple the part is, Exair finds a way to improve upon it, allowing for increased efficiency and durability. We at […]