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Maximizing ROI: How to Determine When to Upgrade to Aluminum Compressed Air Piping

When should you consider replacing your aging iron distribution piping? Should you stick with the status quo or consider switching to aluminum pipes? While black iron piping is a common choice for compressed air distribution, this type of piping doesn’t last forever. Working with an aging distribution system could be costing you more than you […]

Why It’s Important to Monitor Compressed Air Quality

A compressed air system is only as good as its air supply. Many of the best designed systems are rendered significantly less efficient and powerful, simply because of low quality air supply. What’s more, low quality compressed air can ruin products and jeopardize safety standards in facilities under strict safety guidelines. However, ensuring high quality […]

Using Data to Improve Your Industrial Compressed Air System

Compressed air technology is taking rapid strides with each passing year. From efficiency-boosting flow measurement to sophisticated but sturdy dew point sensors, the quantity of possibilities present in this new tech is incredible. At Airtec, we strive to continually seek the best products and practices for compressed air systems today, and within the world of […]

Dew Point Sensors: A Valuable Application for Compressed Air Technology

Dew point monitoring is among the most important steps you can take when caring for your compressed air technology. If the dew point isn’t where it should, moisture will accumulate in your compressed air system, resulting in pipe corrosion, reduced lifespan for pneumatic parts, and even unscheduled downtime. Fortunately, thanks to massive leaps in compressed […]

Digital Flow Meters: Compressed Air Technology

In this day and age, the need for operational efficiency has never been greater. As organizations look to cut costs left and right, you need to be ready to offer up ways to save money. In the world of industrial systems, this can be pretty difficult, as your facility Your compressed air system can either […]

SUTO and the Power of Industrial IoT

Every day, some new technology is created with the goal of solving problems and creating new efficiency within industrial systems. From improving the way that resources are used to malfunction detection and repair, the latest efficiency solutions for industrial settings are proving to be too valuable to be ignored. That’s why we at Airtec recommend […]

The Many Uses of Air Amplifiers

While a fully efficiency-optimized compressed air system might feature a number of different high-tech and high-profile products, sometimes the smallest part can make all the difference in decreasing energy use. For example, well-placed timer drain can significantly reduce the amount of wasted compressed air, a purpose-built no-drip nozzle can cut down on wasted materials, and […]

Reduce Pressure Drops in Your Plant

Save Energy, Avoid Unnecessary Pressure Drops Did you know that pressure drops and leaks are the two largest areas of energy loss on your air compressors? It’s easy to understand why a leaking pipe or fittings creates energy loss. Pressure drops are not quite as noticeable, since you cannot hear them. What are Pressure Drops? […]

Monitor Your Entire Compressed Air System with SUTO

From small machine shops to fully-equipped manufacturing lines, Airtec has long been in the business of providing efficient compressed air solutions that are powerful, reliable, and cost-effective. We make every effort to utilize our decades of industry knowledge to the benefit of our clients, using carefully-selected brands and products to create our solutions, because one […]

Cold Weather Static Elimination

A tremendous amount of effort goes into building an optimized compressed air system. From generating the perfect amount of compressed air to locating and eliminating leaks, efficient system operation is a worthy challenge with tremendous awards. An efficient system saves you a great deal of time, money, and energy, while drastically improving your operations, potentially […]