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Keep Your Compressed Air Moisture-Free

One of the biggest risks to any compressed air system is the presence of moisture in generated air. Moisture causes issues as serious and wide-ranging as increased wear on moving parts, malfunctioning controls, and false readings from key control instruments, all while significantly reducing overall air quality. That’s why Airtec recommends and offers a variety […]

Earth Overshoot Day and the Need for Efficiency

No matter your industry, using resources efficiently is an important part of successful and fiscally responsible operation, but in the case of industrial or manufacturing facilities that rely heavily on compressed air, efficient resource use isn’t just a goal, it’s a necessity, both for the facility and the environment. A recent U.S. Department of Energy […]

How Much Does a Compressed Air Leak Cost?

Air. It’s free, right? We have become so acustomed to living surrounded by the mixture of gasses we call atmosphere we often forget it’s there. But atmospheric air alone is not a productive force. Factories and other productive facilities around the globe use the atmosphere to do work for us – but first, it must […]

Airmatics: Industry 4.0 and IIoT

A connected air compressor system for the industry of the future. It is said that humanity is on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution.  The first industrial revolution was kicked off by the introduction of the steam engine, a clever device designed to create mechanical energy through the use of water vapour. The second […]

What You Can Do About Leaks

How to increase efficiency on your entire system by eliminating leaks. Whether you’re working in a machine shop or as a technician in a large-scale manufacturing plant, compressed air is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. When used efficiently, compressed air is a reliable energy that keeps your equipment operating consistently, even […]

Exair’s No Drip Spray Nozzle

Exair Helps You Conserve Valuable Resources and Increase Performance All at Once! Spray nozzles are used for a wide variety of different tasks in different manufacturing contexts. In one, nozzles might be used to spray products down with water, and in another, they’ll be used to cover products with expensive chemical coatings or paint. Regardless […]

Exair Unveils the Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife

As rugged and as production lines often are, they can quickly become temperamental when introduced to too much foreign matter…

Finding Expensive Air Leaks with Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Tracking Down the Air Leaks that Drain Your Wallet When you’re operating air compression machinery of any scale, one of the most substantial ways you can lose money and efficiency is through air leakage. Air leaks end up costing you money in more than one way: they cost you in loss of compressed air produced […]

Compressed Air Optimization: Supply and Demand

Utilizing the strengths of each individual part to make the whole stronger. Both supply side and demand side control are vastly important parts of operating an efficient air compression system, but they don’t operate independently of each other.

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