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Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine Webinar

Avoiding Production Downtime_ Real Time ISO 8573-1 Compressed Air Quality Monitoring and Audits Presented by: Francisco Lara 

The 8 Best Reasons for Regular Compressed Air Maintenance

Compressed air systems are the workhorses of the industrial manufacturing world. From material conveying to blowoff to countless pneumatic processes, compressed air is responsible for a lot of tasks in industrial facilities. As rugged as compressed air systems may be, they still need consistent maintenance in order to keep everything running the way it should. […]

Intellistat Ion Air Gun for Static Elimination

Airtec is happy to present, EXAIR’s patented Intellistat® Ion Air Gun. A handheld and lightweight solution to static elimination in clean processes or sensitive assembly work such as scientific and electronic test facilities, laboratories, and clean rooms.  The Intellistat was designed to consume minimal compressed air while simultaneously delivering precise blow-off, and exceptional static decay […]

Electronic Flow Control and Its Many Uses

With each passing year, energy efficiency becomes a higher priority for industrial operations. Whether the goal is meeting new sustainability requirements, cutting operations costs, or increasing the longevity of current equipment, the move to efficiency and, by extension, reduced energy consumption is the clear-cut next step for nearly every industry. But what does the shift […]

Bring Leak Detection into 2020

Every day, countless new advancements are being introduced to compressed air systems. In most cases, this new tech ends up saving money by reducing operations costs through efficiency boosting.  One specific area that has shown a lot of innovation over the last few years has been leak detection. Of all the new compressed air technology […]

Low Cost Conveyor for Materials Up To 900 Degrees °F

EXAIR’s new 2.5 inch and 3 inch High Temperature Line Vac Conveyors convert hose, tube, or pipe into a powerful in-line conveying system for high temperature materials up to 900 degrees °F (482 degrees °C). These air operated conveyors are available with smooth ends, to fit into hose or tube and secured with a simple […]

Compressors and Vino

The Use of Compressed Air in Wineries Compressed air accounts for a large amount of energy consumption in the wine production process, especially in the production of grapes. A big part of wine-making is a result of the work of equipment and is dependent on its efficiency. An air compressor should be located in well […]

Compressed Air Condensation Management

Protecting Your Compressed Air from Condensation. When moisture is not removed correctly from your compressed air system, it could travel through your airlines and leave you with unexpected damage and decrease production efficiency. The presence of water will lead to the creation of rust in the air piping system. However it is quite simple to […]

How to Size your Cabinet Cooler?

We’re right in the heat of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, with heat waves rampant across much of Europe. You all know what that means, it’s Cabinet Cooler season!! When working with a new customer for a Cabinet Cooler application, the first step is always going to be the same. Get them to fill out […]

Compressed Air Particle Counting

Measure Compressed Air Quality Efficiently It is necessary to measure air quality in modern compressed air systems. One part of this is to measure the particle concentration in the supplied air. The common problem that occurs is that most particle counter operate only at the ambient pressure. This means that pressure needs to be reduced. […]